Chandu Champion: A Triumph of Spirit, Familiar Formula

Chandu Champion, directed by Kabir Khan, chronicles the inspiring true story of India’s first Paralympic gold medalist, Muralikant Petkar. The film stars Kartik Aaryan as Chandu, a man who overcomes numerous obstacles to achieve sporting glory.

Winning Performances:

Kartik Aaryan delivers a dedicated performance, portraying Chandu’s determination and resilience effectively.
Critics commend Vijay Raaz, who plays Chandu’s coach, for his supporting role.
Formulaic, Yet Feasible:

The film’s narrative follows the familiar underdog athlete trope, with predictable beats. However, the power of Chandu’s real-life story elevates the experience.
Some reviewers felt the 2 hour 23 minute runtime could be tighter,

suggesting a more focused narrative might enhance the impact.
Kabir Khan’s Vision:

Khan’s direction is praised for its execution, particularly the boxing sequences and historical recreations.
Cinematography is noted for its beauty, effectively capturing the essence of different eras in Chandu’s life.

Chandu Champion is a crowd-pleaser despite its adherence to a familiar formula. While some may find the predictability a drawback, Kartik Aaryan’s performance and the true story’s inherent inspiration make it a worthwhile watch.

Here’s a breakdown of what critics liked and might be points to consider:

Thumbs up for:

Performances by Kartik Aaryan and Vijay Raaz
Inspiring true story
Kabir Khan’s direction and cinematography
Points to ponder:

Familiar underdog athlete storyline
Potentially long runtime
If you’re looking for an uplifting and well-made biopic, Chandu Champion is a solid choice. But if you prefer a more original narrative structure, you might want to manage your expectations.

The Verdict:

Chandu Champion is a crowd-pleaser despite its familiarity. While the predictable plot might deter some, Kartik Aaryan’s performance and the true story’s inherent inspiration make it a worthwhile watch.

Box Office Scorecard:

Chandu Champion has garnered decent collections in its first 3 days. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Day 1: ₹ 5.40 crore (estimated)
  • Day 2: ₹ 7.70 crore (estimated)
  • Day 3: Collection figures for Day 3 are not yet available.

Total 3-Day Collection (estimated): ₹ 13.10 crore

With positive word-of-mouth and Kartik Aaryan’s star power, the film’s performance in the coming days will be interesting to track.

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